Emergency roof repairs are unpredictable

Timothy Parks Construction Inc. provides fast, effective emergency roof repairs for wind, hail and other storm damage
Timothy Parks Construction Inc. provides fast, effective emergency roof repairs for wind, hail and other storm damage

Timothy Parks Construction, Inc provides fast, effective repairs for wind, hail along with other storm damage

No homeowner ever plans for an emergency roof repairs, with increasing severe weather patterns it is a necessity. When a roofing emergency arise, it’s imminent in hiring a professional for repairs to to mitigate any further damage to your property.

At Timothy Parks Construction, Inc. (TPCI), our roofers are always on call at a moment’s notice using the equipment and expertise required to rapidly and effectively repair all kinds of roof leaks and storm damage. Among Central Florida’s leading roofers, our roofing crews are factory certified and have extensive experience in all types of roofing materials and are capable of solving any issue you might have.

For those who have a roof covering emergency or need any one of our other roofing services, give us a call at 1-407-901-2969 or click below for any free estimate!

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We are here to assist you in your time of need when a roofing emergency arises.

Common reasons for roofing emergencies:

  • Delayed maintenance and weather damages
  • Storm damaged/Fallen tree
  • Strong winds that tear off shingles and/or cause other damage
  • Leaves and debris built up in valleys and other roof planes
  • Improper installation practices
  • Flashing failures at roof penetrations, including chimneys, vent stacks, and dormers

Some roofing emergencies are avoidable, but mitigating  the damages is ultimately in the homeowner’s control. Homeowners must always be certain to hire qualified, licensed and competent companies to perform proper roof maintenance and exercise preventative strategies,. Emergency roof repairs are an undeniable fact, be prepared.

Thing to remember prior to and after an inclement weather event that increases the likelihood of a roofing emergency.

If a roofing emergency happens, make certain you remember these 3 points:

  1. Don’t increase on the top yourself: A broken roof is really a harmful atmosphere, and you ought to let an expert be the first one to take a look
  2. Cover the inside: Using plastic sheeting will safeguard the inside of your house which help prevent leaks
  3. Inspect the rooftop visually: In the ground, have a visual inspection of the roof to notice debris and possible damage

TPCI are the local experts for emergency roof repairs.

Being an experienced roofer in Florida for the past 20 years, we are able to handle any emergency roof repair need you might have. In case your home has leaks, wind damage, or perhaps a collapsing roof, make us the first call 407-901-2969 to obtain fast, effective repairs.

Give us a call today for any free estimate on any one of our roofing services! We service the central Florida area including but not limited to Leesburg, Apopka, Clermont, Orlando, Ocoee, Altamonte Springs, Kissimmee, Eustis, Tavares, Winter Garden and also the surrounding areas.